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Overview of Virtual CFO Services in Chennai TOC

Virtual CFO services is an excellent business support solutions in today’s dynamic business world. To rise above competitors it would be wise to engage Virtual CFO services. The right financial advice from the best Virtual CFO steers your business towards gains and growth. SmartCA India offers best Virtual CFO services in Chennai, India. We offer right practical solutions for a wide range of business issues.

What is Virtual CFO Services? TOC

Virtual CFO Services Chennai, Tamil Nadu India Online

In case you are planning to seek professional help to save resources, optimize resource utilization and streamline business operations, Virtual CFO is the right person for the Job. You could engage Virtual CFO Team for all of your finance and management requirements or independent requirements too.

CFO services are the business solutions offered by professionals that are useful to save resources, cut down unnecessary overheads and aid optimum resource utilization. CFO services boost your business towards path of success and growth. You could engage an in-house full time CFO Professional or part time CFO professional or outsource CFO services to a third party i.e. Virtual CFO services or outsourced CFO services. With virtual CFO services you have an option to outsource all accounting and finance requirements or just few requirements.

SmartCA India offers best CFO services in Chennai. Our Virtual CFO team consists of best Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates and Finance consultants who have decades of professional experience rendering Virtual CFO services across various Industries.

Why Us? TOC

Smart CA takes pride to be amongst top Virtual CFO service provider in Chennai, India. We have branches in Tamilnadu with network of associates all over India. We believe that Right advice and support at right time will help you turn business tides into growth opportunities.

We are keen to support companies and its executives with our professional insights and information. SmartCA India conducts CFO SUMMIT every year to keep business owners updated about the latest financial and business trends. Every summit is a huge success with more than 100+ interested enrollments. The number of participants has been growing year after year. This talks about the how insightful and worthwhile our efforts are.

Our virtual CFO team constantly monitors your company’s profits and status. Based on our assessments we offer right guidance and financial advice. Our Virtual CFO service aids you to elevate your business with positive results.

You get to have full-on support in managing your cash-flow. We offer productive advice to move you up the business heights. We will guide you about tracking and analysis of business gains and growth. Our team takes all steps to project any unexpected financial crisis and offers advice on preventive and precautionary measures.

The highlight of SmartCA India is, our CFO team is just a text or call away. Hence be assured of your success as well as our availability.

What are the Benefits of using Virtual CFO services? TOC

Benefits of Virtual CFO Services for Startups and MSME Companies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Why you need to hire Virtual CFO services? Why should I engage Virtual CFO for my business. What are the benefits of virtual CFO. There are numerous reasons to engage Virtual CFO services. The following are the top reasons to hire Virtual CFO Service.


Virtual CFO firms offer great flexibility for the companies engaging them. Majority of CFO professionals charge on per job / per hour basis. This makes it easy for you to engage them for a particular task or independent per hour requirement as you find suitable. Virtual CFOs is accessible with just a tap when you need them. SmartCA CFO team is just a text or call away when you need them.


Virtual CFO services can tailor their services based on size, structure and nature of business. Be it a small, medium or large enterprise, Virtual CFOs can easily adapt to your changes of business growth and expansion. Virtual CFO services evolve along with your business from being a small startup up to being huge corporation. SmartCA CFO team are experts in delivering excellent services to all scales of business like small, medium or large corporations

Professional Team

When you hire in-house CFO you have a single professional to rely on for advice and accessibility may be limited. But when you hire Virtual CFO firm, you get have a team of professionals. These professionals may have dual or multi specialization across numerous peers and industries. When a bunch of professionals are available to handle your task, specialized professional attention is given to each of your job. You can get it done very quickly with less costs too. SmartCA professional team can handle your tasks effectively and efficiently at low prices.

Business Focus

When you need to concentrate more on the main activities of business, Virtual CFO is a good choice. They take over all your financial paperwork and free-up your precious time towards important business activities. With more time and effort on your hands, you can easily attain gains and goals. With SmartCA CFO services you can be assured of more business focus

Experience and Expertise

Virtual CFO firm is a team of professionals who have years of experience in delivering exemplary services quickly. They are a team of CAs, CSs and financial advisers with great insight and expertise in handling financial and accounting requirements of an enterprise. Unlike virtual CFO firms, In-house CFO may not have vast knowledge about varied industries and peers. SmartCA CFO team consists of top CAs, CSs and financial experts with decades of experience across various industries.

Costs Less

Many startups cannot afford full time CFO due to high costs. Under such scenario hiring Virtual CFO is a great option. You get to have professional help of virtual CFO with limited budget. The money spent on Virtual CFO fees is worth every penny. SmartCA CFO services are sure to suit your financial budget. We have tailored plans to suit each and every requirement. For more details contact us.

Top 10 Popular Virtual CFO services? TOC

Many owners have no idea which CFO services are apt for their business needs. It varies from one business to another based on nature of business activity, volume and business goals. Auditors and accountants have a defined job description like book keeping and tax management, filings and compliance. Virtual CFO services are compatible based on your needs, organizational goals and challenges.

Virtual CFO firms are the organizations who provide CFO services to elevate financial plans with forecasts and systems. They help companies overcome financial crisis like cash flow issues, growth support, audit support, raising funds, preparing exit strategy and so on. SmartCA CFO team has vast knowledge and expertise in handling all your financial needs. The following are the Top 10 Popular Virtual CFO services provided by Smart CA CFO Team

Financial Data analysis and planning

CFO can deliver excellent financial plans based on in-depth professional analysis of your financials and records. All your other finance personnel are into past and present financial data maintenance. But a CFO is focus is more on preparing long and short term financial plans. SmartCA is an expert in figuring what your business is and what you need to reach where you want to be.


Financial forecasting is important tool for every business. It is a step by step financial and operational guide that helps you to reach attain your goals. Forecasting involves analyzing, preparing strategies and needs practicability. Your CFO should understand your present and future business capacity to prepare forecast reports. Your CFO should be good at financial trends, algorithms and competition analysis too.

Financial systems and Design

You management software and internal control software may not support your growth. They may be incompatible with operational process like sales or lack essential features. Then it is high time to engage virtual CFO. Your CFO can help you assess your system needs and advise systems combination keeping in mind your future growth. He will help with the software provider and help in smooth transition. They can even train your personnel.


Budget is a detailed projected financials. Budgets are imperative for day to day business activities. Budget are the supporting guides for many financial decisions. They help you keep your organization on track to attain your business objectives. SmartCA CFO helps you prepare budgets that shows your financial performance with company goals and plans.

Financial reporting and interpretation

Financial reports are essential to keep yourselves apprised of your present and future status of your company. CFO conducts in-depth assessments of your financials and gives you pointers that are suitable your business needs. It gives you the benefit to re-strategize and appraised of your business happenings. You have handy info to make good business decisions too.

Raising capital

Raising capital is tough job for every business. With the help of virtual CFO the process of raising funds for business is simple and easy. SmartCA CFO firm has great finance network connections. We can help connect with the right resources. We can support you in investors meetings, provide due diligence documents, financials and report. Aid you in capital structuring that is best for your company.

Capital structure

What is the amount of finance you need. Should it be equity funds from shareholders or debt funds from lenders. What is the right combination to project a good company value to achieve your desired goals. A CFO is the right person to answer and handle the tasks relating to capital structure decisions of a company

Interim CFO services

Is your company under merger and acquisition or are you yet to appoint a full time CFO, then hiring an interim CFO or virtual CFO would be a good idea. A virtual CFO can competently handle the task of full time CFO. He can smooth out CFO functions and help you hire best CFO for your company.

Cash flow Analysis and restructuring

Cash flows have great effects on day to day business activities. It is the toughest challenges every business owners face. Resolving cash issues is not just bring in revenues. It is more than that. You need to analyze your cash expenses and outflows and modify and budget to suit your goals. CFOs can help you reap maximum benefits with optimum resource utilization. We support pricing analysis, client negotiations, client contract, commission structure analysis, supply chain management, cost revenue analysis and other services

Advice on cost cuts

We are experts in cost cut analysis for your business operations. Our experience and expertise over various business services makes it easy to suggest suitable cost cut advice. Cost cutting is more objective with virtual CFO as their decisions based on data and experience. There is no reason for personal biases.

Mergers and Acquisitions

CFOs play are significant role during mergers and acquisitions. We can help you with forecasting, preliminary reporting and analysis, financial function stabilization, advisory services during sale process and relevant documentation.

For more details, fill in our contact form or text or call us. We will help you know business status. We are more favorable to personal interactions with our clients. Please fix up an appointment with us. We’d be happy to meet you.

Right Time to Engage Virtual CFO Consultants TOC

When should I engage Virtual CFO. Your business may be progressing rapidly beyond your anticipation. You must concentrate on all activities like sales, finance, management, operations and other activities. But a business owner may be an expert on business activities. Many a time business owners want to devote all their attention to core business. Under such scenario Virtual CFO can ease off your entire burden.

As a businessmen take reins of your business. Hire Virtual CFOs to tackle the back end tasks. Reach great heights with inputs and advise from professionals. SmartCA offers end to end CFO services to make your business flourish. Leave us to your back end tasks and carry on with your core business.

Are you facing any or few of the following scenarios? If yes, Then it is the right time to give a call to Virtual CFO

  • Unable to track or derive important financial info
  • Facing acute need for cash often
  • Need a good financial plan to control and grow your business
  • Back end tasks are taking a chunk of your time and leaves you with littile to no time for main activities
  • Need financial advice from a professional

How much does Virtual CFO services cost in Chennai? TOC

Virtual CFO fees is just a fraction of the fees you pay for a full- time CFO. SmartCA is one of the top leading Virtual CFO service provider. We offer exemplary CFO services at reasonable fees. We can offer you tailored plans based on your needs too.

Looking out for CFO for your company? You are at the right page. SmartCA’s end to end CFO services ends your search here. You get great services at affordable prices with us.

SmartCA provides Virtual CFO Services for MSME, Virtual CFO services to Small Businesses, CFO services consulting and CFO Services for Startups. In case if you have urgent CFO services on demand to meet emergency business crisis, we could probably accommodate you. CFO services pricing is unbelievable and very low with us. You may find your required CFO services in our above list. But SmartCA CFOs can accommodate all your business requirements with ease and efficiency.

For more details, fill in our contact form or text or call us. We will help you know business status. We are more favorable to personal interactions with our clients. Please fix up an appointment with us. We’d be happy to meet you.

Cash Flow Challenges of Small Business TOC

Cash Flow Challenges of Small Business Virtual CFO Services|Partime|Online,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India

More than 60 percent of small businesses are facing tough challenges with their cash flows. Due to cash crunches, nearly one third of them are unable to even pay loan EMIs, vendors, staff salaries or draw any money for themselves. In spite of various policies and schemes introduced by our government, still many business owners are struggling with cash flow. Cash flow challenges have kept many entrepreneurs on tenterhooks with anxiety and worries over their business.

A recent global study was conducted about attitudes, behaviors and cash flow challenges faced by small business owners and self employed. The study summarizes that small businesses strive to deliver good products and services to their customers. But more than half of them shut shop within few years due to many issues. Cash flow crunch and no flexibility are few primary reasons for closing down businesses.

With this insight let us try to understand how cash crunch happens and how we can help you.

Effects of Imbalanced or Poor Cash Flow TOC

What are the effects of poor cash flow. Cash flow means the availability of immediate cash to meet day to day operational needs of a business. A low cash flow hampers growth of business and economy. To overcome effects of negative cash flow, it is important to have good cash flow ratio score. You need to ensure your expenses not going over and above revenues and profits. We understand many small businesses find it a challenge to achieve a perfect balance of money. Many business owners are frequently facing cash flow issues.

Small enterprises may have thin profit margins. They are dependent on rise in sales to increase their gains. Few missed sales opportunities can have severe effects on cash flow. This may be a big blow leading to shutting shop. Inability to honor the bills payable, loans and employees due in low cash flow leads to damaged relationship and business image. Small businesses who depend on contractors and laborers will suffer heavily if salary payment are not made on time.

SmartCA Virtual CFOs can provide excellent professional solution to overcome your cash flow issues

How Cash Flow Problems Arise at Small Business? TOC

Cash flow problems are common with small business and self employed persons. Cash flow problem does not mean the business does not have any funds at all. It means the business has funds, but are not readily available for immediate expenses. Their business funds may be held up with outstanding receivables. This can be easily found when you do an age-wise analysis of the accounts receivable report.

Moreover, many small businesses have certain billing practices. Like they raise invoices only on a specific day or week of a month. Some businesses borrow and utilize the advance received towards the bill and are left with no money to complete the work. The time gap between billing date and payment date is the most helpless time when most business owners face cash crunches. Many business owners feel that it takes at least 30 days to receive payment towards their bills. During the slack period the business has to ready to meet the fixed expenses like salary, rent and other overheads. Unavailability of cash leads to chaos.

Best Chief Financial Officer Support Services in India TOC

Small business owners face cash flow stress day in and day out. To stay on top they need to invest cash in product development. Payment delays from customers cash leave them with no cash for days or weeks. A virtual CFO can keep track your outstanding and send you alerts on huge unrealized bills. In business, Time is money. A day with no money goes wasted and delays new product development. How to choose the Best Chief Financial Officer Support Services in India?

Cash flows are difficult in majority of businesses. You need finance for operations, payroll, supplies, salaries, rent and other overheads that are fixed every month. The above inputs are essential to get your job done. Moreover you may have to credit risk from your customer. Your credit bills might go unpaid by your clients. These are the constant challenges every businessman faces day in and day out. With SmartCA Virtual CFO support you can easily track your sundry debtors and collect payments and time.

Immediate Cash Flow Support and Smooth Loan Process TOC

Some curious small business owners want to be ‘jack of trades’ . They want have complete control over all business activities right from sales, finance, accounts, compliance and so on. But they may not have professional knowledge about how to handle them all efficiently at the same time. Some entrepreneurs may think taking loan as a failure sign. It is not so. It causes a huge difference for your business. Taking bridge loan for immediate cash needs is a boon during times of trouble and it will improve the cash flow. SmartCA virtual CFO can support you with smooth loan process.

ERP Selection Process and Checklist TOC

When you are looking for a Virtual CFO to Select an ERP, we must investigate the following Top 10 key criteria even though it is for Small Business Accounting Software: There are three components in the Financial Statements / Financial Accounting: Balance Sheet which describes Assets like Fixed Assets, Current Assets, Bank Account, Cash and Cash Equivalents, Trade Receivable , Liabilities like Long-Term Debt, Borrowing, Current Liabilities, Accounts Payable, Working Capital, Liquidity, Accrual and Share Capital; Profit and Loss A/c which describes income statement like incomes, Receipts, sales , interest income, dividends, purchases and expenses statements like expenses, Expenditures, depreciation and compute profitability/ Net Income, Budgeting and Cost Control.

Third Component is a Cash Flow Statement / Statement of Cash Flows (Two Methods of calculating Cash Flow From Operating Activities like Direct Method and Indirect Method) which reports Cash Inflows, Cash Outflows, Cash Position, Operating Cash, Operating Expenses, Operating Cash Flow, Repayment with Payment Terms, Amortization, Net Cash, Cash On Hand, Cash Flow Management, Inflows, Investing Activities, Financing Activities.

It must help the Accountant to create Projections , calculating Free Cash Flow and financial health, Valuation on Start-up, Ratios, Support Financial Management, Preparing Reconciliation, reviewing Ledgers for an selected Accounting Period. It’s not about accounting alone. It's all about managing assets, control, Reporting and productivity. We are here to support you at all times during ERP Selection and Implementation.

Bottom Line - How SmartCA Virtual CFO can help you? TOC

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We are committed to resolve your cash flow struggles by delivering exemplary services that help your business get money as early as possible. We help keep track of your billings and accounts receivable and help you maintain healthy cash level. We regularly assess your financials and deliver reports. We will keep you posted about any possibilities of any critical financial situations. We help you prepare financial statements and reports necessary for getting bridge loans from banks. We have great contacts with many banking institutions that can help you with your cash crunches.

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Our Team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates and Finance Consultants with decades of experience across various business sectors can offer end to end financial support services.

For more details call or text us. We will contact you shortly to answer your queries and discuss your requirements.