Digital Marketing for Chartered Accountants / Auditors (Online Presence)

Benefits of Digital Presence/Marketing for CA firms:

Nearly One-Third of World Population are online users. But most of the small business do not have a own website. In this technology world, it become necessary for all professionals/ auditors to keep up with current trend of online marketing. For Practicing Chartered Accountants, it become critical to have a own website.

Advantages of Digital Presence for CA firm:

Help Clients to reach you:

The days of searching Chartered Accountants in Yellow Pages have gone. In the present days, people search online for the requirement of  CA Services.  CA firms in online presence would grab the opportunity.

Reach larger audience:

By digital presence, firms could reach a larger section of people. Firms are not limited by country borders and it could reach globally to all sections of people. Clients could access online websites anywhere and anytime. CA firms/accounting firms could have a direct connection with clients and would get valuable insights about the clients.

Increases   Trust:

In present days, clients do research in online for any service they require. Without online presence, potential clients are lost. Simple and Professional website for small CA firms helps to compete with Big CA Firms.

Reputation Management:

Clients can provide reviews online, it can be positive and negative. Positive reviews would build a reputation for the firm and negative reviews need to be managed. Reviews also help to evaluate firm performance too.

Steps to build Effective presence online:

Create Website-Online of the firm:

There are two kinds of websites. One is a FREE Websites like Google Web Site, Blogger, WordPress. Second, we can buy it from any Web Service Provider for Chartered Accountants. We can create a Best Site to prove how to market an accounting firm in the digital age. Essential Content of the website shall be the name of the CA Firm, address and location of the firm, services offered to NRI Clients, Corporate Clients and Other Clients, and how to contact the firm. Make sure that website is clean, neat, and professional.

Become a Blogger:

Create a Account with Blogger.Com and start writing about recent updates in areas of services offered. Keywords also play an important role in blog writing. Use keywords like CA, auditor, Firm name in order to get listings in first Page SERP.  Blog writing helps to post organic content for free is an incredible benefit and connects with valuable leads at no cost.

Digital Marketing vs Chartered Accountants

The majority of the Chartered Accountants are thinking that Digital Marketing Is the Push Request Model and bothering about the Code of Ethics.  There is a huge difference between Inbound Digital Marketing for Chartered Accountants and for CA Firms and Push Request Marketing like Google Ads. Inbound Digital Marketing means we are writing an article every day and google crawls and found Search Intent. Whenever someone is asking questions/search Query, google gives preference to our blogs. This is called Authoritative Articles. We can prove our expertise to Google to Inform the user. It is a part of Digital Marketing for an Audit Firm and a way to answer how to promote a ca firm.

Digital Presence of CA firms would take firms to reach bigger destination in profession.

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