Best Tax Auditors For Income Tax Raid , Scrutiny Cases and Reply to Notice In Chennai

Find the Best Tax Auditors For Income Tax Raid Scrutiny Cases and Reply to Notice In Chennai , Income Tax Scrutiny Cases, GST Notice, Litigation And Assessment Cases. We are one of the Top Audit Firms / Chartered Accountants /CA For Handling Raids, Scrutiny, Settlement and Litigation Support Services In Chennai. Our in-house team consist of Lawyers For Income Litigation And Scrutiny Cases In Chennai.

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Top Tax Consultants in Chennai for Tax Litigation and Scrutiny

We are the Best Tax Consultants in Chennai to get instant tax expertise assistance and respond to tax notices/intimations received under section 139(9), 143(1), 143(2), 154, 156, etc., from the Income Tax department.
If you do not respond to the notices received from Income Tax Department or Income Tax Investigation Wing / Enforcement Team, then you may have to pay a huge penalty as per income tax norms.

How to Select the Best Tax Litigation Auditors Online In Chennai?

Its very easy. SmartCA Litigation Support Team who is the Best Tax Auditors For Income Tax Raid Scrutiny Cases and Reply to Notice In Chennai and consists of Experienced Chartered Accountants (CA) and Best Tax Auditors For Income Raid, Scrutiny And Litigation Support Services for Corporates, HNI, NRI , MSME , Startups and Income Tax Scrutiny Notice Assessment Services In Chennai.

Many of our Income Tax Audit clients will receive Income Tax Notice Under Section 143(2) Limited, Complete and Manual Scrutiny In Chennai.

Notice Under Section(U/s) 139(9)

An intimation from the Income Tax Department is sent to you when the Department has found an error with the income tax return you have filed.

Intimation Under Section(U/s) 143(1)

An notice under this section is sent to you only in the case of any tax or interest is found payable or refundable or there is any increase/reduction in loss.

Notice Under Section(U/s) 143(2)

Scrutiny Assessment notice under this section will be issued by the Income Tax Department is to ensure that you have filed the return with the correct income and paid tax accordingly.

Notice Under Section(U/s) 154

This intimation has the purpose of filing a rectification return if there is mismatch of demand or higher refund that you had claimed in your filed return.

Notice Under Section(U/s) 156

A demand notice under this section will be issued by Department for any demand on tax, interest, penalty, fine or any other sum raised by the Assessing Officer (AO) as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Probable grounds why you may get a notice from the Income Tax department

  • For failure to file I-T return
  • For Mismatch of TDS Credit Claimed with Form 26AS
  • For non-disclosure of income
  • For not declaring investments made in the name of spouse
  • For filing a defective return
  • If you have done high-value transactions
  • If your return is picked for scrutiny assessment
  • For setting off refunds against remaining tax payable
  • For tax evasion in earlier years
  • For Claimed excessive loss
  • For paid lesser taxes
  • For misreporting of capital gains from equity
  • For claiming exemptions/deductions, etc., are factually and legally correct

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