IFSC Code BKID0005020
(used for RTGS , NEFT and IMPS transactions)
MICR Code MICR not provided.
District HAFLONG

Branch Information

We can give customer excellency award to the branch of HAFLONG of BANK OF INDIA in HAFLONG. IFSC Code is BKID0005020. This number is used for RTGS and NEFT transactions and Instant Fund Transfers. MICR Code is not provided. The bank name is BANK OF INDIA. Address of the branch is OPPOSITE GOVT GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL,PO- HAFLONGDIST-DIMA HASAO in the state of ASSAM. Also BANK OF INDIA has an excellent customer centric mobile-responsive website . HAFLONG of BANK OF INDIA is very famous in HAFLONG District. It has many branches in the state of ASSAM.

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IFSC in short is Indian Financial System Code. Each of the branches of banks located in India or abroad have IFSC code. IFSC code is a combination of numbers and alphabets. Reserve Bank of India is the apex banking organization that is authorized to issue IFSC codes. All online transactions in India is based on this IFSC code. Fund transfers online like NEFT, IMPS AND RTGS banking transactions is based on IFSC code.


Usually every bank prints its IFSC code on bank passbook, monthly statements and cheque leaves. Every bank has a list of IFSC codes of their bank branches on their website. You could always find out IFSC code of a bank branches in google search too or by IFSC code search tool. It is always advisable to get correct IFSC code before initiating transactions to avoid wrong transfers.


Get money into your account or send money to the other party from your account with the comfort of your home, office or anywhere. All you need is a android phone/ computer / laptop and internet.


Instead of the old traditional way of banking with cheques and withdrawal slips, move on to the notion of digital India banking with IFSC code. Get money in your account by quoting account number and IFSC with just click of a button from the other party. Transfer fund to others with account number and their bank IFSC through


IFSC code has made the life of millions easy. A common man can just quote his account number and IFSC of his banking branch and get funds from anywhere into his account.


With IFSC you can sit from the comfort of your home , office or be anywhere and can initiate banking transactions.


All the customers of the bank have the same IFSC code. Hence if you forget to get IFSC code from your client but got only account number and know he has an account in the bank branch. You can get IFSC code online or through our IFSC Finder tool. All bank branches have 11 digit IFSC code under unique format.


Banks in India are the back bone of Indian Economy. Gone are the days when banks used to only accept deposits, lend loans and act as agents. The computerization and digitalization of banking sector has caused a major revolution in our country.

In India, Reserve Bank of India is the apex or the highest banking organization. All public sector banks, private sector banks, foreign banks, regional rural banks, co-operative banks and co-operative credit institutions come under the governance of RBI. It has the power to fix interest rates, Cash reserve ratio, printing of bank notes, foreign exchange control and other banking powers.

In case if you are planning to start a business, Get ready to open a business bank account once you have necessary business registration. Though for a sole trader it is not compulsory to open a separate business bank account, it is always wise to have a separate bank account for business purposes to have separate record for business banking transactions.


All business owners have the same question- Is it necessary to open bank account for my business?. Let us see why you need to have business bank accounts.

• Better organization of business transactions - A company can channelize all its receipts and payments through banks having better organization of banking transactions for accounting purposes

• Accept credit cards and fund transfers- accept payment from your clients via credit cards and fund transfers like NEFT, IMPS or RTGS

• Multiple business accounts – a company can have more than one business bank account. A company can maintain separate bank account for payroll, vendor payment, collection of bills etc.

• Professional Image – Paint a professional image for your organization by opening business bank account. One can gain credibility for your company by opening business bank account

• Gain bank relationship- a banking relationship is very essential for any type of company, LLP or sole proprietor

• Loan and overdraft – A business can apply for loan and overdraft only when they have a business bank account.

• Mandatory - As per ROC guidelines it is compulsory that every private limited company should open a business bank account for business purposes

• Loads of transactions – In personal accounts the number of transactions is limited for a day. In case your company has business bank account, you can have scores of transactions per day.

• Easy and simple to file tax return- Having a business bank account makes it easy to assess your receipts. Deduct admissible business expenses and calculate taxes on the same. Hence it is wise to have separate business expenses

• Proof of business- having a business bank account is a proof of business for several registration and documentations.

• Trust and confidence- having a business bank account builds a professional image. It implicates that you are in to the market for the long haul. This builds up the trust and confidence of the stakeholders.

What is Smart CA? Smart CA is a professional team where they provide excellent Tax Advisory Services to Foreign Entities , NRI and domestic tax payers.

We have great contacts with many banks and have helped scores of our clients in opening business bank account easily and quickly with minimum documents across various banks. We also help our clients for business loans from banks. Please call or text us for more details.


Q. Are the payments under RTGS final and irrevocable?

Ans.:Considering that the funds settlement takes place in the books of the Reserve Bank of India, the payments are final and irrevocable.

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