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Who is an Auditor?

Who is an Auditor | Association of Best Chartered Accountants | Top Auditors | Smart CA

Auditors / Chartered Accountants are indispensible to any business organization belonging to any industry be it Software business, Automobile business, retail business etc. Auditors are certified Chartered accountants with professional work experience in handling tax and compliance of any business. SmartCA can efficiently handle compliance, financial and audit needs of any type of business organization with ease. Auditors in Chennai will provide you an excellent guide and act as Financial Consultants / Advisors in India Chennai Online.

Online Audit Services for Corporates

Audit services are the professional services rendered by practicing Chartered Accountants certified by the CA institute of India. CA institute of India is the top most authority in India that trains and certifies Chartered accountants with professional degree. A CA has to register with the CA institute to take up Chartered Accountant profession. You need a certificate of practice from the CA institute to practice as an auditor or Chartered Accountant professionally. Every practicing Chartered Accountant will have professional membership number with the CA institute. It is a professional service related to Management-Audit, Corporate-Audit Statutory-Audit, GST-Audit, Internal-Audit and offer professional business advisory services Online. It can also be internal-audit, external audit or audit by government departments.

Top Audit Services in India

There are 3 types of audits namely external audits, internal audits and audits by government departments.

EXTERNAL AUDITS are the examination and appraisals done by the outside auditors who are not related to the company or business. These auditors may be elected by the board meeting votes or By an Audit Committee. External auditing is extremely useful who want to have an unbiased review of your business financials. A clean external audit report about the company’s financials helps the stake holders to take better decisions. They have the concept of independence and are free to express auditors’ opinion on subjects like financials, internal controls or system.

INTERNAL AUDITS are the cross examination of financials done by the auditors appointed by the organizations. The This financial report is given to the board of directors and management. Usually an organization appoints an Internal Audit Firm in Chennai when they do not have in house auditor with them. Internal auditors report errors and inadequacies in the internal system of the company. They advise about the improvements and changes that may be effective for better management of the company. Tax audit, management audit, GST audit and financial audit are some of its types.

Sometimes there may be AUDITS BY GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT. It is directed by government authorities like GST dept, IT dept or ROC to evaluate the correctness of the returns filed with the department. It may arise when the assessing officer is needs further supportings are documentation proofs. This need not rise panic that you are in wrong. They may be due to your business association with a taxpayer who is under investigation or it may be due to transactional mismatch between the taxpayers. Here the government appoints the auditor to evaluate your records and books.

Top Auditors in Chennai have served as external, internal and represented on behalf of government notices issued to numerous clients.

What do Audit Firms do?

Smart CA Association of Chartered Accountants / Auditors / Audit Firms provide best professional services like Tax Advisory services, Management Audit, Statutory Audit, GST Audit, Internal Audit and other business advisory services. They can also support you during your Company Registration and Managing Finance and Compliances. They even provide Financial Management services, Management Support Services, Tax planning, Preparation of Financial statements, NRI Tax Returns Preparation and Capital Gains Advisory Services.

How much does it cost to do an audit?

Audit is the job of professionals. It is not easy talk to evaluate financials of best run companies. Even the Best Chartered Accountants must have to put in great effort and time in the process. Auditors can help you have better internal control by evaluating and assessing your financials and records. They will charge baseline fees for the task. They follow standard procedures as per industry standards. Hence the cost varies based on the hours put in, type of tasks handled, scale of the business and other factors. The cost or fees can be as low as few thousands. It can range between few thousands for small companies and can run up to lakhs for large companies. The fees vary from one auditor to another. No. 1 auditors in Chennai offer best professional services at reasonable fees.

What happens during an audit?

The mere mention of the word makes small businesses go on panic mode. They think examination of financials needs to be done only when something goes wrong. But in reality it is very beneficial and healthy for any enterprise. It helps you to have better internal control and boosts your image with the business audience.

Audit is a systematic process conducted by the auditor or chartered accountant based on plan / program / procedures and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards / SOX. Auditor associates evaluate and assess the financials of the company or individual to determine and accuracy and correctness of the books of records, Financial Records and financials. After examination of the records and financial reporting, the chartered accountant prepares audit-report. This report consists of professional observation over the transactions of the company and suggested advices too. It can be conducted over the client’s place or at the CA office whichever is convenient for both the parties.

What is the main purpose of an audit?

The main purpose of an audit is to detect and prevent frauds. It helps to highlights departments where improvements are necessary. The process is essential to evaluate whether company processes are upto the industry standards. It is fair examination of financial statements of an enterprise. It is to ensure that the financials are maintained as per accounting framework. The clean financial report improves the credibility of the entity amongst business audience like creditors, investors, lenders and venture capitalists. CA certified financial reports are the first thing third parties look into before funding the business. Attracting more credits results in reduced cost of capital.

Who is the Best Auditors in Chennai?

Auditors in Chennai provide best quality professional services. They are a team of professional Chartered accountants who provide world class services at low fees. They have decades professional practice experience across all types of industries. They offer best professional services like Tax Advisory services, Management Audit, Statutory Audit, GST Audit, Internal Audit and other business advisory services. They can also support you during your Company Registration and Managing Finance and Compliances. They even provide Financial Management services, Management Support Services, Tax planning, Preparation of Financial statements, NRI Tax Returns Preparation and Capital Gains Advisory Services.

Top Chartered Accountants in Chennai

Top Auditors in Chennai | No 1 Chartered Accountants in Chennai | Smart CA

There are numerous CAs and Top CA firms who practice in Chennai. Public Accountants / Auditors in Chennai takes pride being one among the top Chartered Accountants in India. They rank as best auditors in India. Our elite clientele and testimonials are good enough reasons for our popularity in the industry.

It is common knowledge that finance is the lifeline of any business. Finance is necessary for the proper functioning of every department of an entity. Funds have to routed and control through every area of business. Engaging top Chartered Accountants in Chennai can help you in better business control. They offer exemplary financial advisory services. Famous CA firms in Chennai can provide financial advisory services for both individuals and business entities. CA firms can provide virtual CFO services for your entities too.

CA for Company Registration Process Online

The secret of success of any business is no doubt a collective combination of brand value, marketing skills and product quality. Company Registration Process is an easy step to follow online. Experts will help you during your Company Formation in India. But a good financial advice from Chartered Accountant is important to steer your business towards success and growth.

Auditors and chartered accountants are not only involved in doing audits, file tax returns and prepare financial statements. They play are a dynamic role right from company registration up to steering a business towards the path of glory and triumph.

CA Services Online in Chennai

Chartered Accountants, company secretaries and advocates are the authorized persons to approve and certify all documents of company registration application. The attestation and DSC of CA is necessary to submit company registration application online in MCA. They ensure you comply with all documentation and make sure your business registration is done within the legal framework.

CAs help you choose the type of business structure. DIN is necessary to become director of a company. You can get your DIN within a day when a CA digitally signs and uploads your DIN application online in MCA. Choosing the company name is not easy nowadays as most of applications are getting rejected due to a company or trademark already existing or resembling the applied name. CAs can guide you in choosing best company name and avoid unnecessary hassles and costs of company name rejection. MOA and AOA are important documents of a company. CAs is the right professionals to prepare this document as per the rules and regulations of companies act. They can prepare all other company registration docs like director consent letter, first subscriber and director declarations too. In case any clarifications are necessary by MCA during company registration, CAs is the right professional who can support you through the same. Chartered accountants play key role and offer end to end support in company registration.

Chartered accountants can handle post incorporation services like support in bank account opening, accounting and maintenance of records, tax and compliance, CA services and so on. CAs are fondly called as best assets of an entity.

How to Choose a Best Auditor for your company?

Auditors are the best assets to an organization. Their timely financial advice can turn tides and steer you towards progress and success. To select best auditor or to choose CA for your company is not just picking out someone from just dial or yellow pages or any online sites. Though they provide vast listings, it is important you choose the right auditor or CA for you.

  1. FIRST Check out the Referrals and Reputation of the prospective auditor.
  2. SECOND. Assess your business needs like you need auditor just for filing taxes and handle compliance or you want their professional advice and support as your business grows.
  3. THIRD. Prospective auditor should have FCA & DISA professional certification from CA institute of India- ICAI with practice certificate of 5 years. Make sure he meets the ethical rules.
  4. FOURTH. Ensure your prospective CA is accessible at all times when you are in acute need or some other auditor to cover him in case of absence. Best CA firm would be a wise choice as group of Chartered accountants work as a Association or a Team.
  5. FIFTH. Enquire about the fees and charges and correlate the same with the peers and friends.
  6. SIXTH. Get references about the clients of similar industry. You can check out with the reference to boost your confidence.
  7. SEVENTH. Enquire whether the prospective CAs were a business owner earlier. This helps you to get practical business advices.
  8. EIGHTH. Discuss with the CA the software and technology you use. Ensure they are compatible with the same. Ask for their online social networks sites and website details.
  9. NINTH. They should help you with risk tolerance. They need to get creative and make you compliant within the rule boundaries. He should work out the compliances in the best interest of his client.
  10. TENTH. You CAs should always keep you informed about latest concepts, updates and other rules with their blogs, sites and newsletters. He should transparent in his communication about facts, progress and results of a process. You need all the support from CA when taking important business decisions.
  11. ELEVENTH. An all rounder CA is more beneficial to an organization like audit and non-audit services who has more experience in SPV Audit.

Auditors are the supporting pillars of an organization. Without them, you may not be able to fulfill your compliance obligations on time.

How to Select Auditor for ROC Annual Filings?

ROC Annual filings is an important obligation every private limited company must adhere to. Non compliance may lead to penalties and strict actions from ROC. Hence it is important to select best auditor for ROC Annual filings. When you are about to select best auditor for ROC annual filings remember the 3Cs- Communication, Cost and Compatibility.

COMMUNICATION is important between an CA professional and his client. Good communication helps them to make wise decisions and strategies. You should be able to communicate with your auditor in times of need. COST is also an important criteria when select a Chartered Accountant to do your ROC filing. The charges you pay them should be worth every penny you pay them. It should match with your budget too. Check the quotes from the shortlisted CA firms and go for the one who suits you better. COMPATABILITY between you and your experts and his staff is also important. You should be comfortable in working with them. He should understand your needs and advice accordingly. Harmony between you and auditor is necessary for ROC filing.

Looking for Auditors for filing FORM AOC 4-Annual return? Planning to hire Auditors for Filing Annual Return form MGT7? Auditors in Chennai are one of the Best Auditors for ROC Annual Filings in India

Auditors in Chennai can provide ROC filing services for Private Limited Companies, ROC filings for LLPS, ROC filings for OPC, Company registration services, Business registration services, Company secretarial services, event-based ROC filing services etc. For more details contact us.

Select the Famous Auditor for Company IT Filing

IT Filing and ROC filing both are mandatory statutory compliance every private limited company have to adhere to. They need to file both the returns irrespective of transactions or sales during a financial year. It is compliance that you to comply with every year. You need an audited and certified financial statements and reports to file IT returns and Annual ROC returns. Hence availing services of a Chartered accountant who offers both under same roof is big plus. When you want to select best auditor for company IT filing and Annual ROC filing, choose a professional CA who is client friendly professional services at best prices. Check out whether they offer following services at single stop like Accounting,

Drafting of Financial Statement, CA Tax Consultation, Income Tax Computation, Guidance in tax payment, Filing of IT Return, Auditor report, Drafting of notices, minutes and directors report,ADT-1 Filing, AOC-4 filing, MGT-7 filing & ROC fee payments and other services.

Your prospective professional for company IT filing and Annual ROC filing should be able to provide the above services with timely advice along with add on services if required. Ensure your compatibility, costs and communication with each other is good.

Auditors in Chennai can provide ROC Filing Services for Private Limited Companies, ROC filings for LLPS, ROC filings for OPC, Company registration services, Business registration services, Company secretarial services, event-based ROC filing services etc. For more details contact us.

Tax Audit in India

What is tax audit? Why it is necessary? Tax audit is required as per income tax rules. The prescribed assess as per IT act have to get their books verified and certified by a practicing Chartered accountant for every financial year. It is an important compliance mandatory if a business turnover exceeds threshold limit. To conduct this procedure the assesse can appoint an CA of their own choice. This report is essential for filing IT returns.

This formality is applicable if the assesse is a person carrying on business or profession with an object to earn profits or gains computable under chapter IV. He must maintain books of accounts. His income must be taxable or loss allowable as per IT acts.

The main purpose of the task is fulfills the legal compliance. It ensures proper account books and records have been maintained. They aid you keep a check on frauds. It helps in tax governance through proper account presentation with IT officers. It saves chunk of time for IT officers on routine evaluations.

Auditors in Chennai are one of the Best Auditors for Tax audit services in India. They offer excellent professional services at low fees. For more details contact us.

Management Audit Services in India

What is Management audit? Why is it necessary. Management audit helps you diagnose the health of company management. It plays a critical role in management support. This is vital to strengthen the way the operations are planned, organized and executed in an enterprise. To be simple, it is an inspection of company management. Here the actions and decisions of management is assessed and evaluated.

This process is beneficial to improve management efficiency, ensures resources are at full use, points out deficiencies, recommends improved methods of operations, finds out weaknesses in internal control system and provides signals about company sickness beforehand. It helps you to foresee problems and suggest suitable remedies. The process is about managerial performance evaluation too. It assesses plans and policies. Performance evaluation of human resources is done at every level of the process.

Auditors in Chennai are one of the Best Auditors for management audit services in India. They offer excellent professional management audit services at reasonable fees. For more details contact us.

Compliance Audit Services

What is compliance audit? Why do you need it? With the changes in rules and amendment in Acts, many companies lack clarity about such changes. They are left wondering whether all applicable compliances as per their business nature and size is met with. Many organizations are finding it difficult to document the evidences of various compliances under different tax laws. CAs hired internally are more interested in transaction oriented approach. They are busier with return filing, replying to notices and other work. Thus compliance of the business may be at risk. This process helps you to remove such risks.

It should cover the following tax laws like direct and indirect tax laws ( income tax, GST, customs and excise), company laws, employee benefit laws, industry specific laws and others (like shops and establishments act) etc.

The process is done by team of CAs and professionals who are specialized about various laws. They keep abreast with the latest changes in compliances applicable among various businesses across different sectors. The procedure is helpful in preventing unnecessary business complications and cut down cost of interests, fines, penalties and penal actions that come with non compliance.

Auditors in Chennai are one of the Best Auditors for compliance audit services in India. They offer excellent professional services at low fees. For more details contact us.

Top CA for Statutory Audit in India

Audits of a company’s financials helps you to gain investors confidence. It reflects the true health and performance of the business. As there are many stakeholders of a company like investors, creditors, suppliers, lenders and so on. Everybody is interested in the true and fair financial reports and financial statements. The government of India has made this procedure, as mandatory based on eligibility and turnover. Statutory audit is a compliance that is compulsory as per government rules and acts. The procedure of appraisal is divided as tax-audit and company-audit.

Tax-audit is mandatory for every person whose business income or whose professional gross receipts exceeds thresh hold limit. The benefits of the same have been explained in the above paragraphs.

Company audit is mandatory for every company registered with ROC. It is must for every company irrespective of turnover, business nature or transactions. The company must get annual accounts audited every financial year. Auditors for company auditor can be appointed at AGM. Shareholders or board of directors can appoint auditors for a term of 5 years. Auditors recommended under companies are qualified to conduct the procedure.

Auditors in Chennai are one of the Best Auditors for statutory audit services in Chennai, India. They offer excellent professional compliance statutory services like tax-audit services and company-audit services at low fees. For more details contact us.

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